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Modern businesses rightly expect much more than just hardware form their materials handling suppliers and Linde have developed a unique range of consultative services and systems to meet these diverse business needs and bring added value to the supply chain process.

Linde Stratos 3D warehouse planning and simulation

Linde Stratos warehouse planning and simulation system helps to unearth operational improvement potential or valid the viability growth plans.

We’ll evaluate your application data, including all projected storage and material flow demands for the proposed new facility, and help you identify the optimal storage system and configuration for your needs using 3D modelling. We’ll also help you calculate the right amount of racking, as well as both the numbers and types of mobile handling equipment that will be required. And the findings will then be rigorously tested and verified against real-time, on-screen simulation sequences of the optimum materials handling solution. This way, Linde Stratos allows you to confirm the viability of a project at the planning stage, before any commitment to major investment is required.


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