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Fleet Management – My Life

Changing customer requirements, cost saving projects, increasing complexity, restructuring or expansion call for a thorough analysis and optimisation of the fleet. Fortunately, the Linde Fleet Management System Life is a comprehensive approach to optimise the use of trucks.

Efficiency – Stratos

Whether you’re planning a new greenfield site or expanding and updating an existing facility, the Linde Stratos warehouse planning and simulation system eliminates the guesswork – and the risk.

We’ll evaluate your application data, including all projected storage and material flow demands for the proposed new facility, and help you identify the optimal storage system and configuration for your needs using 3D modelling. We’ll also help you to calculate the right amount of racking, as well as both the numbers and types of mobile handling equipment that will be required. The findings will then be rigorously tested and verified against real-time, on-screen simulation sequences of the optimum materials handling solution.

This way, Linde Stratos allows you to confirm the viability of a project at the planning stage, before any commitment to major investment is required.

Automation – The Demonstration

Reversed and looped in a continuous cycle – a four-point pick and drop with our robot collecting two pallets from the floor, then delivering to several designated palletracking locations. Displaying the simplicity of triggering missions directly from the HMI (Human Machine Interface), this demonstration shows the ease in which robots can be switched between automatic and manual operating modes.

Safety – Roadster

Linde Material Handling has launched the new Linde Roadster, a range of trucks designed to maximise field of view and safety for operators.

The Roadster is an alternative configuration to models E20 to E50R, increasing visibility by removing the A-pillar. It replaces the metal overhead guard roof with a high strength safety glass panel for increased visibility when stacking loads. Overhead tilt cylinders absorb the forces acting on the mast during operation and direct them backwards via the overhead guard frame.

Faster responses – Mobile Service Manager App

With the Mobile Service Manager app, operators using Linde trucks will be able to address their inquiries to Linde’s service organisation directly. Sending the QR code of the truck and a photo of the malfunction, they will then be kept up to date on the current status of their enquiry through their smartphone.


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