Short Term Rental Solutions
from Linde

The Linde rental solutions are not just about quick delivery of the trucks and equipment you urgently need – you will also be provided with all the advice and guidance required and have flexibility guaranteed both before and after your order has been fulfilled. This way, companies can take advantage of our flexible solutions to help them out during these often very busy periods.

Our service allows you to react to additional demands, last-minute changes and unforeseeable events in an appropriate and cost-effective way. Anywhere Linde can be found, you can be sure that special short term rental fleets adapted to suit local customers’ requirements are not far away.

Our approach combines globally recognized standards with adjustments made in response to the local needs. The result is the ideal solution in the form of flexible rental options ranging from one day up to one year. What’s more, the Linde rental solutions also provide a straightforward and practical way of testing out Linde trucks.


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