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Hand Pallet Truck Capacity 2500 kg (Series 032)
Representing exceptional value for a minimal investment, the Linde M 25 hand pallet truck has to be first on the list in the procurement plans of discerning businesses. The rugged and exceptionally low-maintenance Linde M 25 hand pallet truck features a fast-lift facility and a 220 degree steering for excellent manoeuvrability in trailers and other confined working areas.


Hand Pallet Truck with scale – Capacity 2500 kg (Series 033)
Classical HPT which is able to weigh its load with a division of 0,5kg. Printer & SD card are available as options. Very useful for logistics/ delivery companies. Also available in fully stainless steel (Aisi 304), which is very useful for dairies/ chemical/ pharmaceutical companies.


Hand Pallet Truck with scissor lift – Capacity 1000 kg (Series 033)
The Scissor lift HPT offers a perfect workbench due to its ability to carry until 1000kg at 800mm height. Very useful while working on production line on preparing some orders. All efforts of bending its back while taking parts, goods or raw materials from the ground are cancelled. This truck is also available with an electrical version, thus cancelling lifting efforts.


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Cutting edge innovation to ensure your business operates safely

The Citi Truck is a pallet truck for the city centre. All functions are electrically powered, it is quiet, civilised and as compact as a hand pallet truck.

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Linde pedestrian powered pallet trucks, compact yet powerful

Most frequently used for lorry loading and unloading, the new Linde pedestrian powered pallet truck handles loads in confined difficult-to-manage spaces.

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